Federico Gardin is an Italian director and CG artist based between Warsaw and London, crafting otherworldly and theatrical concepts with a major use of CG and VFX.

He constantly researches new technological advancements in VFX to bring his visions to life, pushing the limits of what is possible.

He brings out his signature style by bending reality with surreal concepts, making viewers feel like they witness something new.

Inspired by iconic Hollywood movies, he wishes to transfer the big cinematic experience into short-form concepts.


Adidas, Decathlon, EA, Nike, Asahi, Twitter, Disney+, Rimmel, Tottenham Hotspur, Jadon Sancho, John Lewis.


Purple Creative, Fluoro, La Familia, The Midnight Club, Project XIV, MAVRO, Raw LDN, PPMNEXT, Sports On Screen, The Ready House.